Letter: Smart meters not to be trusted

Published 9:00 am Sunday, April 23, 2017

Well, you got trouble my friends, right here in River City. We’ve got meters and no real city leaders, and that spells radiation with a capital R.

What do you suppose would happen if someone called in a dirty bomb threat to the city? We’d have SWAT, ATF, police, FBI and every other three-letter organization you can think of swarming all over this city. But the power company can strap a mini dirty bomb to the side of your house and nobody bats an eye?

The editorial response by the power company was very inadequate and deceptive. I also find it odd that no public input or dialogue was offered before all these decisions were made for you. What they are doing now is called damage control. In that letter they told you the meters meet all FCC safety guidelines for thermal radiation. This is true.

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But allow me to quote from their own document they sent me upon request: “Scientific studies have not identified or confirmed negative health effects from non thermal RF emissions. Not enough is currently known about potential non-thermal impacts of RF to identify or recommend standards for such impacts.”

They admit they do not know! All they test for is if that meter will literally cook you like a microwave oven. Would you like to know how those tests are done? They take a dummy head and fill it full of gel, zap it with RF and see if the temperature rises. How many people do you know have a dummy head full of gel? Well, if they believe the deception the power company is pushing, maybe they do. The FCC refuses to look at all the independent research on the effects of non-thermal radiation because smart phones are a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Science is bought and paid for just like the FDA and dangerous drugs. Money talks louder than health concerns.

The other thing they told you is that the meters only broadcast a few seconds per day. This is actually true, but very deceptive. What they fail to tell you is that those few seconds are split up into many, many pulsed microsecond bursts throughout the day. And even a tiny microsecond burst is very harmful.

“Smart meters should be abolished because they use short high-intensity pulses of microwave radiation. We know from the nanosecond studies these can be very damaging with calcium channel activation continuing long after the pulse has ceased.” — Professor Martin Pall, professor emeritus of biochemistry and basic medical sciences, Washington State University

So just as your body is recovering from that first microsecond burst, wham! It gets hit with the next microsecond burst. This will continue 24/7, 365 days a year for the rest of you now shortened life. A continual and nonstop assault upon you body! And they themselves admit they do not know what effects it will have on you!

Well, people are already feeling those effects. I’ve received three complaints since my first editorial of ringing in the ears, inability to sleep and increased blood pressure starting the day a meter was installed. Everyone keep your ears open for these symptoms! What more studies need to be done than what people are already reporting firsthand? Nobody needs some paid scientist shill to tell them they have symptoms! Common sense tells us we’ve got trouble with a capital T right here in Albert Lea. And nobody seems to want to do anything about it except song and dance and dodge the issue? Call city council! Or form a marching band perhaps, too?

Please go to the community Facebook page for more info: Facebook.com/AlbertLeaSmartMeters.

Phil Mandsager

Albert Lea