Letter: Proud to be a liberal American

Published 10:55 pm Monday, April 24, 2017

I’ve noticed a trend when John Forman writes his articles. It is clear he doesn’t like liberals. I’m not sure he understands what liberal citizens such as myself do in our attempt to make America better than what it is.

The term “liberal” used to describe voters who wanted change and progress for the majority of Americans. Over time, another group of people who opposed progress, misused the word and made it an insult. Liberals have been fighting for the rights of regular Americans like you and me. The problem is, if incorrect and negative phrases are repeated over and over, all of us regular people start to think it is true. It is very difficult to contest the misinformation.

Think about this, it was the liberals who started the rally to oust the British so that we would have our freedom. It was the liberals who fought so that woman could vote. It is liberals who support equal pay for equal work. 

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Yes, I’m a protester. I don’t like it that Republicans have made it easier for corporate entities to dump waste into our waters. No, I don’t like it that our parks are going to be destroyed eventually for corporate development.  No, I don’t like it that Republicans say that they promote “transparency” when in reality they don’t. What they say they do and don’t do is two different things. No, I don’t like it when they shuffle money around making it look like they are doing great things. No, I don’t like it that the proposed tax cuts are for the wealthy and won’t help the middle class or any of us average Americans.

No, I don’t like it that the Republicans are making it more difficult for all votes to count through gerrymandering and unfair voter ID laws.

Liberals support health care for all. Well, you all heard what happens with Trumpcare. Many people will be left out. Many, many people will have to pay more. Many people will have to choose between lifesaving health care or food and housing. Mean-spirited people are saying why should we help them? Well, I say, “Why should we give over $110 billion in subsidies to large profit-making companies such as Alcoa, Royal Dutch Shell, Nike, Walmart and Intel?” There are over 965 big companies getting “free” money. Yes, self-serving politicians know where their campaign checks are coming from.

Yes, I’m a liberal, and I’m proud of it. I’m sticking up for the principles of how God would want us to live. Wouldn’t you?

Paul Tuveson