Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

Published 11:33 pm Friday, May 19, 2017

To Hy-Vee’s new superhero parking stalls.

What a kind gesture it is for Hy-Vee to install two parking stalls at the front of its parking lot that are dedicated to veterans, active duty service members, EMTs, law enforcement and firefighters. The stalls are outlined in red, white and blue and are a way to give back to them for their service.

We applaud the company’s actions and add our thanks to theirs for all these people do for our country and community.

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To all of the area graduates.

Congratulations to the Albert Lea High School seniors, who were the first seniors out of all of the area schools to graduate Friday night. That was a day you’ll never forget.

We encourage you to continue learning, no matter what path you choose to take in the future, and to go after your dreams. You have unlimited potential.

We wish you success and happiness.

To the success of the annual letter carriers food drive.

We were impressed to hear the results from last weekend’s letter carrier food drive.

In the Albert Lea area, carriers collected a record-setting 19,800 pounds of food — surpassing the previous record set in 2009 by about 3,000 pounds. All the food raised goes to support the Albert Lea Salvation Army and the Ecumenical Food Pantry at First Presbyterian Church.

Thanks to the carriers for their hard work in organizing this drive and for all the residents who gave food to support their community. Albert Lea carriers raised about 750 pounds more food than Austin carriers, thus winning the friendly competition another year.

To all the people participating in Shinefest.

Thank you to all of the area residents who donated their time and hard work this week to take part in Shinefest’s annual week of service.

Volunteers worked in the Hawthorne neighborhood on various home repair projects, tree trimming, painting, garbage removal, car washes and general handyman work.

We hope others are inspired by their kind deeds.