Principal’s Corner: Let learning continue

Published 10:56 pm Friday, May 26, 2017

Principal’s Corner by Diane Schultz

Summer is here, but learning doesn’t have to stop.

There are many fun things you can do with your child or encourage your child to do over summer to keep them actively learning.

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Here are some ideas:

Active learning experiences

Diane Schultz

Go to the park, attend summer camps, play ball, etc.

Build reading and writing into everyday activities

Watch TV with no sound and the closed captions on, read directions for how to play a game, write your grocery list, write down a recipe or read the recipe, send thank you cards or postcards, create a scrapbook or create a kidblog. The list is endless.

Be an active citizen

Also known as: Be an everyday hero.

Have your child participate in community service activities. Volunteer at the Humane Society, read at long-term care or a nursing home, carry someone’s groceries or rake a neighbor’s lawn.

Plant a garden

Your child could research and read about how to make and plant the garden. During the growing season they could keep a garden journal, making notes of their observations.

Create cool things

Make a spaceship, campsite, ship, etc. out of recyclable materials.

Read, read, read

Your child can read books, you can read to them, they could read to younger kids or neighbors. Journal or create a scrapbook about their summer vacation.

The list of learning activities are endless. Don’t let learning stop this summer.

Have a great summer. Don’t hesitate to call if you need more ideas!

Diane Schultz is the principal of Sibley Elementary School.