Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

Published 10:00 pm Friday, June 16, 2017

To the late Alfred Davis of Albert Lea, whose grandson plans to donate two violins to the Albert Lea High School music program in his memory.

Davis has a long history of violin-making and has made more than 200 violins over the course of his lifetime after what started out as a bet with his music professor at what was formerly known as Mankato State College.

Though Davis had an ear for music, he never played the instruments he built. His only formal training with music came from his time in his high school orchestra.

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According to his grandson, Steve Brown of Mankato, Davis knew enough to tune the instruments and play a tune to hear the sound.

We are sure the violins will be put to good use and appreciate Brown for sharing his story with the newspaper.

To Albert Lea High School graduate Dylan Jansen.

Jansen recently completed his Eagle Scout Project, which consisted of making 12 beds with PVC pipe and fleece for the cats at the Freeborn County Humane Society.

The small beds were constructed with a removable fleece hammock hanging over an elevated frame of pipes. The fleece portion of the bed is removable and can be thrown in a washing machine, which Jansen hopes will make cleaning the beds easier for the Humane Society staff.

Jansen said he got the idea from a similar dog bed his family received when they adopted their dachshund.

Great job on this project. We are sure it will be much appreciated.

To residents who mow their grass clippings onto the street or into the gutter.

Grass clippings that are mowed down storm sewers end up in area lakes, where they have the potential to cause algae blooms, which causes the lakes to turn a pea-green color. Algae blooms reduce water clarity and create a scum layer on top. They can deplete the oxygen in the lake.

Next time people think about mowing clippings into the street, think about the potential long-term effects of doing so.

To the possibility for the city’s first parklet in front of Grandma’s Kitchen on Clark Street.

The Heritage Preservation Commission this week approved piloting a new project called a parklet this summer in front of Grandma’s Kitchen in downtown Albert Lea. A parklet is a deck of sorts that is built in at least one parking space and designed to provide more space and amenities for users.

It will be a place where people can socialize and spend more time downtown.

We are optimistic it will be a success.