Guest Column: The value of breaking up your regular fitness routine

Published 11:36 am Wednesday, June 7, 2017

By Brittni Lair

Brittni Lair is a physician assistant in orthopedics in Albert Lea. She recently opened CrossFit InnerDrive with business partner Bryce Becker. In her few minutes of free time, she also coaches figure skating.

Nothing great was ever found in your comfort zone.  As an athlete and a medical professional, this saying is one I’ve come to embrace over my lifetime of competing and setting goals — both on and off the field. For as long as I can remember, I’ve taken on new endeavors and opportunities with varying degrees of success.  It has been these experiences, along with some tremendous people that have helped me recognize that stepping outside of the routine and taking on new challenges is what leads to your biggest gains.

Brittini Lair

According to, the vast majority of fitness-conscious individuals perform the same regimen on a weekly basis: running, lifting, back day, abs, etc. With this, our bodies become engrained with repetition, and inevitably workouts become comfortable. As this happens, our bodies quite literally tell us, “It’s time we change things up!” Without pushing beyond a comfortable state, we limit the progress of our fitness goals and hinder our bodies from becoming better versions of themselves.

Incorporating cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy is essential for well-rounded fitness. Mastering a skill and pushing yourself to a more advanced version of that skill will help propel you to that next level. This is what keeps people improving on their goals. Even the fittest can become more fit by training in a way that is constantly varied.

Preparing for the unpreparable is an excellent principle to base your workouts on. Breaking routine with constantly varied workout regimens, not only keeps things fun and interesting, but also allows our bodies to become incredible machines. With proper form, coaching and programming, athletes are much more capable of exceeding the expectations we may have previously set for ourselves. Utilizing functional movements in workouts allows them to be modifiable to all skill levels. This creates a unique bond between members of a gym.

Much earlier than previously imagined, I’ve had the opportunity to realize a major life goal and open a gym in Albert Lea. Fitness has always been an important part of me, but CrossFit is truly my passion. To share with others has been a gift, and I invite everyone to come out to CrossFit InnerDrive to ask questions and see what it is all about. I can promise you’ll be challenged, motivated and surprised by the potential that lies within you.