Letter: Maybe decision to pair with Mayo was a mistake

Published 10:11 pm Friday, June 30, 2017

What a blow!

The business and professional people, along with the Chamber of Commerce, Visitors Bureau and other agencies here work so hard to beautify, preserve and promote the city of Albert Lea with the beautiful lakes, parks, churches, schools and hospital. Then Mayo comes with this news. What a blow!

Maybe we made the mistake of pairing with Mayo a few years ago. We had a new hospital and good doctors who came 10, 20, 30 years ago to establish a practice and stayed until they retired. I have been fortunate to have had one of these doctors for about 20 years. He is not only my doctor, but I consider him a friend. A patient-doctor relationship like that may be be a thing of the past. How sad!

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I am 92 years old and may not see the outcome of all this, but I’m still concerned for my family and the people of Albert Lea and the surrounding communities.

Ione Kelly

Albert Lea