Letter: A.L. community needs best hospital possible to survive

Published 10:04 pm Monday, July 24, 2017

We need the Albert Lea hospital. Albert Lea is the only city in the United States with two freeways. Interstate 35 goes north and south from Duluth to Laredo, Texas. Interstate 90 goes east and west from Boston to Seattle.

It is the only hospital in Freeborn County.

If there was an accident due to bad weather from snow and ice, where would a busload of people go for needing emergency treatment? Or even trucks, cars, planes and jets; like in Sioux City, Iowa, they were prepared for any emergency. The tornado in 2010 could have had more casualties.

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We have two truck stops and many hotels in Albert Lea. We also have a clinic in Alden because of Dr. Rueben Schmidt. The city of Albert Lea needs to consider neighboring towns of Alden, Conger, Emmons, Freeborn, Glenville, Hartland, Kiester, Twin Lakes, Wells and others.

I would hate to see our community lose doctors for diabetes, kidneys, colon cancer and heart issues. I would like to see expanded services such as doctors for VRS mascular degeneration, functional medicine, a facility to accommodate nonmobile patients needing dialysis and to do more for our veterans.

We have experienced nurses and workers doing a great job. I don’t want to lose them. We have a community of volunteers. We need the best hospital possible to survive.

No one seems to care about citizens living west or south of Albert Lea. Should we travel west to Blue Earth or north to Mankato or south to Mason City?

Mavis Jacobs

Albert Lea