Julie Seedorf: It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that

Published 1:00 am Monday, July 24, 2017

Something About Nothing by Julie Seedorf

It’s time for a “this n’ that” column.

Let’s start with libraries. I love libraries, but I must admit, I haven’t used them very often until the past few years. The reason I have not frequented libraries is because I am selfish. I want to own my books, and I don’t want to give them up.

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Recently I corrected the error in my ways. I gave up my selfishness by letting go of my books. I still buy books, but if I buy them I either donate them to the library or give them to a friend. I have one bookshelf compared to my earlier days where I had to have shelves in the garage to help store all of my books. I also frequent my library now.

On July 17, I had the pleasure, along with Midge Bubany, Greg Gardner, Pat Dennis, Doug Dorow, Sherry Roberts, and Barbara Deese, all authors and member of Twin Cities Sisters In Crime, of participating in a panel at the Albert Lea Public Library. The panel was led by our president of Twin Cities Sinc, Timya Owen.

The Albert Lea library is beautiful. and the staff and readers were very welcoming. I had a hard time concentrating on the panel because of the view of Fountain Lake. I could live there. Thank you, Albert Lea library for having us. If you are not familiar with the library, take time to visit and get some information about all their events. You will want to keep coming back.

My husband and I had a unique experience at my house one recent weekend. Our Grand Dog Zoey stayed with us for a few days. Zoey is a big Labradoodle. She is very sweet and well behaved — so well behaved that my cats ruled. Natasha and Boris kept her where they wanted her the first day or two. They didn’t have to come near her. All they had to do was hiss or stare at her. Or in Boris case, he  thought he had to turn to dog speak for her to understand because my usual laid back guy started growling a loud growl, which we hadn’t heard before.

Zoey would sleep or lay at our feet and the cats would position themselves, one at each side in front of her, and stare at her for hours. It could be because they never met a dog before and this one was much bigger than they were. Natasha, my curious half-Siamese, would quietly and in stealth mode, sneak up to smell Zoey when she was sleeping.

After the second day, no one seemed upset with anyone. They worked out a mutual quiet relationship with all sleeping in the same room close to one another until Zoey woke up to the fact that she was bigger than my shysters. She wanted to play and she loved chasing Natasha who loves to be chased and got in the game, but Boris still sat under the table and growled. We finally realized as long as my husband wasn’t around, Boris was fine with Zoey. The minute he walked into the room it changed. Zoey was my husband’s shadow when he was present. The problem is Boris is usually my husband’s shadow — we had a little jealousy going. Everything is back to normal now, but we loved having the dynamic of a cute Zoey in the house.

I am in a nostalgic mood this week. I finished writing an article for an area paper on the locally owned gas stations of yesterday. There is still a gas station in Kiester that will pump your gas for you. You can choose to do it yourself or have someone do it for you. I love it. I remember the days when my friends had jobs at gas stations after school and summers pumping gas. I also liked it, especially in the winter, when someone pumped your gas, washed and scraped your windows and checked your oil. The upside, too, was most stations also had service, so if something was wrong they would just drive you in and fix it then and there.

Then my mind wandered to all those things my grandkids will never experience and know they missed. It was with sadness I heard that one of the last drive-in movie venues in Long Prairie was damaged by wind. I remember the drive-in theater in Albert Lea. I loved going, and in fact, it was where my husband and I went on our first date. We saw “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.” Isn’t that a romantic movie for a first date?

The eating kind of drive-in also comes to mind. We had two in my community. We didn’t have to move from the car; there were jobs during the summer for high school kids, and it was a meeting place, with food and fun which built memories. It was a treat as a kid to go to the drive-in. I think there are a few ’50s style drive-ins that have reopened, so we can recapture those moments. One in Blue Earth comes to mind.

Capture your summer, find your this n’ thats. It might give you a smile or two to be unstructured like this column is today.

Wells resident Julie Seedorf’s column appears every Monday. Send email to her at hermionyvidaliabooks@gmail.com.