Letter: Acting amazing in “Mary Poppins”

Published 9:34 pm Tuesday, July 18, 2017

This play is a happiness pill.

We are so lucky in Albert Lea to have one great Albert Lea Community Theatre for 52 years! What a blessing. It is really an accomplishment to have this great entertainment with volunteers. In preparing for a musical play, they’ve practiced every week night for six weeks — a big commitment for the cast of very young kiddos to senior citizens! They gave us a gift.

I attended “Mary Poppins” twice this past week and enjoyed it both times immensely. The acting, singing and dancing were all just amazing. The cast gave of themselves 100 percent or more! They were enjoying being up there performing as much as we in the audience watching. I’m whistling and singing all those good songs today as I go about my activities.

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It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a village to put on a musical this great. Many thanks to the production staff — I counted 64 names in my program of all the behind the scenes people. And to the cast: Thank you, thank you, thank you! If anybody didn’t like this “Mary Poppins” play, I’ll give them double their money back!

Judy Menssen

Albert Lea