Letter: Changes could be a blessing in disguise

Published 10:10 pm Thursday, July 6, 2017

I want to express my gratitude to my yoga students. It was wonderful to see the high school auditorium filled.

In the Albert Lea hospital we do have “premiere,” “Ferrari,” high-caring and compassionate care providers who have received awards from Mayo, as Angie Hanson mentioned. And I don’t know anyone who drives 26 miles for ice cream. Very sad to hear that communication from a high-ranking representative.

Al Arends, Paul Overgard, Mr. Minehart, A.J. Kortz and all the others who had questions and comments, thank you for your questions and comments. Jay Armstrong’s final words were a great finale. Thanks to Jennifer Vogt-Erickson for accepting to be our support group spokesperson. Transparency and integrity in communication are important. Also, thanks to Randy Kehr for serving as moderator.

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When Mayo came to Albert Lea, I was president of the medical and hospital auxiliaries. Steve Waldorf assured me that “things were not going to change.” Shortly after Naeve Hospital changed, the candy stripers program was closed, etc. We believed his words.

Let us cultivate a positive and kind attitude. Albert Lea is a great community, and this can be a blessing in disguise. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa accomplished great things for humanity. When the big fish eats the little fish, the environment becomes unbalanced. We are all one.

Clemencia Gujral

Albert Lea