Letter: Don’t make Minnesota a sanctuary state

Published 8:15 pm Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Minnesota does not need to become a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants. The thought by some is that all detainees should be released from jail, whether they’re in there for murder or just the federal crime of entering this country illegally just because they’re detained by ICE. Well, sorry, but these people came here illegally, which is a federal crime. We’ve already had thousands of illegal immigrants given amnesty over the years. That was a precedent that allowed them to stay and work for citizenship.

Now everybody who comes to this country illegally is assuming that we will do it again and allow them to stay, which may not be too far from a good possibility. These illegal immigrants, no matter where they’re from, have no allegiance to this country, except that we provide them welfare when then arrive, and some may continue on for years. They even feel they have a right to vote in this country. Are you kidding?

There are jobs available here for illegal immigrants because there are people in this country who refuse to get off their butts and get a job so they can get off welfare.

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The fact that you now have to practically know two languages to get a supervisory job in some companies is totally ridiculous. What about not knowing English and working around dangerous machines is a good thing, because if you can’t talk to your co-worker, you can’t warn them and they can’t warn you of danger? Most of these immigrants have no desire to learn English, even after living here for years.

Why is it so hard to believe that these people are committing a federal crime? If you believe the number, that there are millions of illegal immigrants here in this country (and that number is very disturbing), then you need to accept that they’re all breaking a federal law. Stop expecting us to live here and blindly accept these people and then offer them sanctuary where even more can come to ask for protection.

My dad (who was of Mexican heritage) used to have a saying, “There’s a sign down on the Mexican border that says, ‘Go to Minnesota, they have good welfare.’” My dad didn’t like the problem of illegal aliens either, so I guess I’m speaking for him also. I’m tired of being a welfare state for those who get on it and won’t get off because no one cares to solve the problem, but I’m even more tired of providing welfare, housing, free schooling, free medical care, etc., for illegal immigrants.

As the sheriff said, if there is danger returning to their home countries, they can ask for asylum.

The solution for the group protesting the ICE program at the jail is to make this a sanctuary state. Well, these people came here illegally, they can be sent back legally. We do not need to make Minnesota a sanctuary state.

Kathy Diaz

Albert Lea