Letter: Mayo leader’s comments lead to sadness, distress

Published 10:43 pm Friday, July 21, 2017

I was saddened and distressed to read what Dr. Gostout had to say about the Albert Lea people in the July 19 Tribune. This is my civil way to describe my feelings about her. I have heard that we should be civil in talking about Mayo.

She said that people saying the hospital was being shut down were “disingenuous.” She said that the Albert Lea campus will maintain elements of a hospital. She must want us to believe that having a part of or an element of a hospital is just as good as having a whole hospital.

She called some of the people of Albert Lea “disingenuous.” That is a polite way of saying these people are dishonest liars. I want to be civil, so I will say that I think Dr. Gostout has been “disingenuous” in her dealings with the people of Albert Lea.

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John Wojszynski

Albert Lea