Letter: Naeve foundation to continue to fund needs locally

Published 9:30 pm Friday, July 7, 2017

With the recent news from Mayo, we as the Naeve Health Care Foundation were shocked, angry and disappointed. This news affects us individually and, more importantly, as a community. The difficult reality is that although we can still utilize the most commonly used services, we will no longer have the peace of mind a traditional hospital in our community brings. And more devastating, we will no longer have babies born in Albert Lea. We truly don’t know the full impact of this move, but we think it’s fair to say it is not beneficial to our community. For this, we are deeply saddened and concerned.

The Naeve Health Care Foundation has been supporting local health care since 1963. During this time, the foundation has contributed over $3 million in gifts, such as trauma rooms for an ER remodel, ultrasound unit, cardiac monitors, clinic expansion, cafeteria remodel, mammography equipment, hyperbaric chamber and Cancer Center remodel, to name just a few. These gifts stay in our community and will continue to stay local! We remain an independent organization and manage our funds independently.

Our mission statement is “To ensure the future of local, quality health care through the continued development of a permanent endowment fund and other philanthropic relationships and activities as may be deemed appropriate for the growth and development of Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea and surrounding communities.” Our ability to give these gifts comes from generous individuals by way of donations and memorials.

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It is our understanding we will still have specialty care locally and for this we are grateful. We will still have a state-of-the-art Cancer Center. We will still have hyperbaric chambers and wound care. We will still have dialysis, cardiology, HealthReach and same-day surgery. We will still have access to the expertise that Mayo offers with highly trained physicians, nurses and staff who truly care about their patients and our community.

As alarmed and disappointed as we are, we intend to continue as an independent organization to support local health care. We don’t fully know the impact of Mayo’s decision. But we do know this: As a community, we will continue to need health care. Naeve Health Care Foundation will continue to support our community and most importantly, continue to fund needs locally.

Sue Loch


Naeve Health Care Foundation