Letter: The ball is in your court

Published 10:31 pm Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Individuals are motivated by instincts for self-preservation and instincts for preservation of our species. People shirking either impulse deny themselves a full life. Organizations that defy either mandate are unworthy of support. The mission statement of the Gates Foundation and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights suggest practices for species survival. Having displaced the Amerinds, Americans commonly cooperated for self preservation. Our industrializing nations demanded new markets abroad, well documented in “Overthrow,” leading to domination abroad. The domination of American society by business interests now threatens both representative government and the planet. The domination of American society by business interests now threatens both representative government and the planet.

Developing domestic markets causes collateral damage. The public, aware of the destructive impact of alcohol on society, enacted prohibition. Now the liquor industry employs thousands of people to produce, promote and distribute its products. The cancer-causing tobacco industry follows similar strategies. By merchandising their products directly to the public, pharmaceutical companies try to make the public hypochondriacs. The nutrition industry is a highly profitable scam. The perpetrators of these anti-social practices are honored as being gainfully employed, their loot is considered a contribution to the GNP. These racketeers must be prevented from promoting the sale of harmful products, their claim to personhood — and thus free speech — be damned. Through deregulation, business seeks to expand the Free Fire Zone, where the public has its pockets picked. Businesses seek corporate entitlements and limited liabilities. Public welfare must not be sacrificed on the altar of economic growth.

Society has always hosted racketeers and parasites. Now the ranks of antisocial people, who place private profit ahead of the public welfare, are exploding. With such rot at its core and with both political parties dominated by moneyed interests government can’t make America great again. It is presumptuous to think that God is on our side. Only you have the power to reinvigorate representative government and preserve the species. The ball is in your court. Will you serve?

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John E. Gibson