Letter: The real reason Trump won

Published 10:33 pm Wednesday, July 12, 2017

You have heard it from the rest. Now you are going to hear it from the best. You have heard the media trying to explain why Hillary lost the election and Trump won. No one with common sense would have predicted that Trump would win.  No one has given you a logical reason for this tragedy, but I will.

In my letter to the editor that was published  July 25, 2016, I predicted that the next presidential election will have the biggest turnout in voter history, and I gave that credit to Trump. People that didn’t ever follow politics or even bothered to vote because it is so boring tuned in and took notice. They didn’t care if a Republican is president or a Democrat is president. They voted for Trump and were entertained  by Trump’s one-liners, and the media lapped it up also, so they published his one-liners cause it was news. Trump doesn’t even give the media credit for all his free publicity.

Most of these weak-minded people who voted for Trump weren’t privy to the fact that Republicans want to take from the less fortunate and give to the most fortunate. This latest Trump Care was a good example. Trump wants to kick 24 million people off health insurance and give the filthy rich $85 million in benefits. They didn’t inform you who was going to pay for those 24 million people who wouldn’t have health insurance any more. Well, I want to inform you, it would be you and me because their medical bills would be paid by tax dollars.

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Have you asked a Trump supporter what it is that Trump is going to do to make America great again? They don’t know and neither does Trump. They are just hoping something turns up great, and they will give Trump all the credit. If you belittle Trump,  they will tell you to give Trump a chance. He was given that chance when he was elected president. Now he is carrying the ball and doesn’t know what to do with it. Anyone with any common sense would never vote for a guy that says he is going to build a wall on the Mexican border and make Mexico pay for it. And a guy that says he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York City and his popularity would go up. It takes a real weak-minded person to vote for a con-artist like this.

One thing for certain is that after Trump is gone, politics are sure going to be boring for all of us.  Trump was elected on his off the wall one-liners, and he is keeping his publicity alive by his tweets, entertaining all of us.   There is no bad publicity — only no publicity is bad publicity. Trump knows this. I am still bragging. I didn’t vote for Trump.         

Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea