Letter: What tactics are being used?

Published 11:00 pm Monday, July 10, 2017

No offense to the local people who work at Walmart, as I’m sure they are good people attempting to make an honest living. For many years I’ve boycotted the store due to management in Arkansas deciding to destroy small towns in multiple ways across the United States. In fact, “60 Minutes” has aired the same show I believe five times on how Walmart have operated destroying small towns. “60 Minutes” has defended their actions, simply due to the fact that they have seen what has happened.

I think Mayo Clinic has taken a page or two from Walmart, as they have seen how it has worked for them. I don’t believe for a second that Mayo has lost money. I’m the last guy you would want to see as your accountant. Having said, that though, I’ve read enough on how the books can be manipulated to make things look worse than it really is. 

While living in Albert Lea, I do remember well that citizens who were board members of Naeve Hospital were very proud of their affiliation.  Naeve was one of the icons of Albert Lea, and people looked up to them proudly. 

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I believe Mayo knew what it was doing when it stepped in to Albert Lea, along with the other neighboring towns in southern Minnesota. This tactic has proven to be very successful for many big business owners nationwide and heartbreaking for citizens who work there, volunteer there, along with the city as a whole.   

I think there is a lot to be said about opposing monopoly-type businesses, as it seems to come back and haunt many cities who fall prey to the touching sales talks that are given. A speechwriter or a person in marketing will come up with some nice words to say about the city and how sorry they are. Due to economic concerns, they have no choice but to make these decisions. Well, if you have no choice, then I believe the proper choice would be for Mayo to look the people in the eye who donated money to the hospital and ask them if they would like their hospital back as they don’t have the capability to make it work.

So, shame on Mayo Clinic for stooping to the Walmart tactics. You got what you wanted at the expense of many individuals who care about their hospital. Big business rarely ever looks back and says they’re sorry; rather, they laugh and snicker all the way to the bank. 

Good luck to Albert Lea/Freeborn County officials in their attempt to turn this around. It can be done only if Mayo is willing to get rid of its greed tactics. 

Paul Tuveson