Letter: Why are wind turbines on best farmland in U.S.?

Published 11:00 pm Monday, July 10, 2017

Wind generators: First, I would encourage everyone to type in Germany wind generation in your computer and read the articles about the subject.
Next I would ask the question, why are we putting them on the best farm land in America? They should be put farther west on land not capable of producing food the world will need.
Then I would ask the land owners who are planning on having them on their land the following question: Do you think the government will change the rules and regulations in the next 50 years, and how will it affect your rights on your property?
County tax revenue: This money will not come from the owners of the generators; it will come in increased rates or new taxes. Then, I would guess the state will somewhere along the line want that tax revenue, since they now want all tax money to go to them, and they decide who gets it back.

Russel Tordoff

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