Letter: Letter was misunderstood

Published 8:53 pm Tuesday, August 15, 2017

This is my answer to Andrea Jenson’s blast toward me in her letter to the editor on Aug. 11.

If you would have read my comments carefully, you would have realized that I was promoting your cause — I was not tarring it down. I didn’t say anything that hadn’t been said many times in other letters to the editor.

I talked about how the Mayo brothers started the Mayo Clinic as a nonprofit service. This is something that several had commented on. I then mentioned they had Democratic values. Nobody should argue this point. That has always been accepted by the American people. I went on to mention that the people’s needs are no longer on the minds of the present-day Mayo CEOs.   

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If you have ever watched Hannity on Fox News you  know what the Republicans stand for. He is always promoting capitalism. Nobody can dispute what those present day CEOs  are attempting to do to Albert Lea. There have been several letters written talking about this. But non had mentioned it was a good example of capitalism.

So, I am not the first to mention these qualities in the paper. It just takes a far right Republican such as you to twist my words around and try to make it look like I am not on your side on this matter.

I’m sure you got a lot of backing from your fellow Republican friends on your letter. I know I got a lot of “atta boys” from my Democratic friends. After all, I do realize that I am the most hated person in Albert Lea by those far right Republicans.

You also mentioned that I should park my religion and politics at the door. For your information, I haven’t crossed that threshold of the American Legion once at those Sunday night meetings. My wife has been to them all. We both support the cause of keeping our hospital here.

By your letter, it is quite obvious that you are more dedicated to the Republican party than you are for the cause of keeping the hospital here in Albert Lea.

I love arguing with Republicans, especially Trump supporters. I am still bragging I didn’t vote for Trump.    

Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea