Letter: Take opportunity to clean up old Domino’s site

Published 10:16 pm Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Regarding the current local debate about the location of a possible new Albert Lea fire station, I’d like to say that I was very happy to hear that the Morin Park site has been nixed from the list. It would have been a very sad day to see this historic and often used park scraped away forever while leaving both the old Dominos/Philly’s and Blazing Star sites undeveloped.

As for the actual need of a new station, I’m not sure I’m completely sold, but that’s another debate. However, if it does happen I hope our powers that be can recognize this as an opportunity to finally develop the long standing eyesore that is the old Dominos/Philly’s area. As time has proven, that entire area from between the channel to the volunteer fire station is very unlikely to be developed by any other new business or construction. Compared to that existing run down East Main area, a nice new fire station would be a very good thing to see along that corridor, especially for people and potential new developers passing through from out of town. It needs to be considered that there are potential future benefits in just that. Another plus is that the station exit would dump directly on to Main Street, allowing the responders to quickly start out to the east or west without immediately arriving at and adding confusion to the Garfield/Main intersection.

An added bonus of using this location is that it would leave the Blazing Star area as a clean sheet for any potential future development. Having that area open, without a chunk taken out of it for a fire station, would be much more attractive to anyone considering such.

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If long-term future development truly is the cause of our city officials, taking this opportunity to significantly clean up the old Dominos/Philly’s area should be an absolute no brainer. Let’s hope so.

Wayne Willey

Albert Lea