Letter: Voice opinions to council members

Published 9:16 pm Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Contact city council members to let them know what we feel.

It’s mostly the local and state taxes that built and improved our local hospital, so if Mayo can’t make enough money to keep it a full-service facility (inpatient care, delivery, etc.) then they could help, or at least allow us and the city to find a willing organization to do this.

If we lose the full-service hospital we have now, our larger manufacturing companies may be even more tempted to leave this area or not locate here in the first place.

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I believe these are some of the many manufacturers here that could lose some ability to attract employees or consider leaving the area:

Cargill Meats


Minnesota Corrugated Box

North American Label Co.

Ventura Foods

Palleton Pallets

Mrs. Gerry’s Kitchen

Albert Lea Select Foods

Edwards Manufacturing

Innovance Inc.

Carpenter Co. Inc.

Lou-Rich Inc.

Rofshus Precision Machines Inc.

Albert Lea Steel

Albert Lea Public Warehouse

Zumbro River Brand Inc.

Daisy Blue Naturals

Krieger Beverage Co.

ALAMCO Wood Products LLC

Interstate Packaging Corp.

Minnesota Freezer Warehouse

Great Lakes Polymer Technologies LLC

Interstate Molding & Manufacturing

What about the ones who won’t give much consideration to moving their business to the Albert Lea area?

Let those who represent us know what you think.

City council members:

• Mayor Vern Rasmussen Jr., 1426 Edgewater Drive, 507-377-1540.

• Larry Baker, 1315 Lakeview Boulevard, 507-402-6313.

• Al Brooks, 1402 Academy Ave., 507-373-9024.

• Jason Howland, 1133 Plainview Lane, 507-438-1098.

• Rich Murray, 124 Ridge Road, 507-383-1530.

• Reid Olson, 1110 Richway Drive, 507-373-2769.

• Robert Rasmussen, 603 St. Peter Ave., 507-279-7635.

Mavis Jacobs

Albert Lea