A poem about Save Our Hospital 

Published 5:52 pm Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I came back again to Albert Lea

Some family and friends for me to see, and

A reunion with the class of ’54

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I’m telling you, that was not a bore.

The news I heard there was rather alarming

For city folks, neighboring towns and those still a-farming

The hospital called Naeve was to be closed.

That was a decision that was recently posed

By members of Mayo’s controlling board

Perhaps they needed more financial reward (?)

But it seems rather strange and odd to me,

That they ignored folks living near to Albert Lea

Who see themselves somehow connected,

And now are feeling quite unprotected.

Faced with long distance care is no fun

So we’re hoping that decision can yet be undone.

Now many people have gathered to try

“Save our Hospital” is their battle cry.

Thinking of you, hoping you will have won,

So c’mon committee “git ‘er done.”

A. Gordon Johnson

Granbury, Texas

Class of 1954