Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

Published 11:31 pm Friday, September 15, 2017

To the Statewide Historic Preservation Conference.

We were excited to see people from all over the state in Albert Lea on Thursday and Friday for the two-day Statewide Historic Preservation Conference.

The event gave downtown Albert Lea business owners who have done extensive renovations to their buildings a chance to showcase their hard work, and it gave our community leaders the opportunity to share our stories of success from the last few years.

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The people we talked to were impressed with our beautiful downtown.

Thanks to all of those people in the area who helped plan this event, and kudos to Albert Lea for being chosen for this annual event.

To a group of eighth-graders at Albert Lea High School who are raising money for Hurricane Harvey victims.

Hats off to students in teacher Lucas Novosad’s class at Albert Lea High School, who have raised money and canned goods this week at the school. The food drive lasts until Sept. 22.

It’s nice to see some teenagers from the community step up out of a desire to help. We hope the group meets their goals to help people in the Houston area who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Thanks to Novosad for helping guide these students and leading them to have empathy for other people.

To the family members and friends who spoke Friday at the David Easter sentencing.

We were in awe at the bravery displayed Friday by family and friends of Spencer Brown during the hearings and subsequent sentencing of the man charged with his murder.

David Easter was convicted by a jury in April of second-degree murder of Brown on Aug. 23, 2016, at Myre-Big Island State Park.

In court on Friday, the family members and friends had the opportunity to share how their loved one’s death has impacted them. They shared photographs and stories of Brown, information on his personality and interests, and sometimes even vivid details of the emotions and challenges they have faced each and every day since his death.

They spoke clearly and from the heart.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your impact from this tragedy. Our hearts go out to you, and we hope Friday’s sentencing may bring some form of peace.