Letter: An open letter to Dr. Noseworthy

Published 12:47 am Saturday, September 9, 2017

Dr. Noseworthy,

It took decades to establish the sterling reputation Mayo Clinic enjoyed when we gave them our hospital and two medical clinics. There were few dissenters at that time because of the high regard our community had for Mayo. Recent actions you have taken are tarnishing and threatening to irreparably damage the high regard in which Mayo was once held and cast the local leaders who made the decision as hopelessly naive. Mayo may succeed in defending their monopoly position, but your actions are destroying the unquestioning trust our community once had in you. You should be concerned that the bitter disappointment developing among the 55,000 persons in our Albert Lea hospital service area will spread to other areas in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. If you think your monopoly position will protect you that could prove illusory.

Paul Overgaard

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Albert Lea