Letter: District 241 is an asset to the community

Published 10:27 pm Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Recently I had to do one of the toughest things as a parent we must do, send our graduating senior out into the world.  While there are several paths for students to take from entering the workforce, serving our country in the military, going to a community college or going to a university, our son chose to go to a four-year state school in South Dakota, SDSU. 

This process took almost two years. We visited schools, applied and then received acceptance letters. Then the decision was made, FAFSA was filled out and orientation was upon us. During orientation, we were informed that our son would start out as a transfer student due to the amount of college credits he brought with him. Two weeks ago, he started school as a second semester sophomore, trimming off almost $20,000. This is all because he went to Albert Lea High School. He had teachers like Mr. Haney, Mr. Gertz and Mr. Lang, who taught him classes through the CIS program (College in the Schools).  These teachers, along with the other teachers at Albert Lea High School, gave him a great foundation for his future. 

We are so proud to say that we live in Albert Lea for the many opportunities to include the fabulous school district for children, an amazing business community and a strong passion for vitality.

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Kim Nelson

executive director

Freeborn County Historical Museum