Nice to know: Thanks for help with barbecue

Published 7:30 pm Sunday, September 10, 2017

It takes the energy, dedication and generosity of many people, organizations and businesses to make an event like the Big Island Barbecue successful.

People like Gene Jesse, whose relationship with Tech Rec Grills allowed us to raffle a Rec Tec Grill donated by the company and raise nearly $1,000 for Rendezvous Education Days.

Brakebush Chicken donated 500 pounds of chicken wings that were consumed in less than two hours on Friday night by nearly 400 People’s Choice voters. And this was complemented by over 50 gallons of chili cooked by a dozen cooks.

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Cargill sponsored the kids que and sausage contest and Nick’s Meat Market of Hayward sponsored the State Steak Cook-off that was showcasing 45 teams. It was the largest gathering of grillers and they came from Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas as well as Iowa, Wisconsin, South Dakota and Minnesota.

The Kansas City BBQ Society portion of the weekend had 53 BBQ teams from seven states and the list of competitors was top of line BBQ teams. Twenty-four teams came to Albert Lea for the first time and made the weekend special.

The 34th Infantry Division sent two bands to perform on Saturday afternoon before the awards. What fantastic musicians! The music was outstanding and for the public who came, they had one of the best performances of the summer. Thank you for making BIB one of your concerts this season.

The Junktion 35/90 hosted a huge flea market and added another element that made BIB special. Thank you to all those participants that offered something to the public in attendance.

Additional sponsors include: Convention and Visitors Bureau, Freeborn County Chamber of Commerce, Holiday Inn Express, Albert Lea Select Foods, Mrs Gerry’s Salads, Comfort Inn, JenSales, Hope Butter, Mayo Clinic Health Systems, Curt’s Pharmacy, Crossroads Trailers, Stadheim Jewelers and Kwik Trip.

All of the volunteers, cooks, judges — over 75 from throughout the country— chili and wing competitors, musicians, vendors and sponsors made the 10th Annual Big Island BBQ a huge success. I owe a huge thank you to everyone. Please attend next year, Aug. 24 and Aug. 25, 2018.

Perry Vining

Big Island Barbecue and Rendezvous