Big Island Rendezvous prints released

Published 8:00 pm Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The 31st Big Island Rendozvous Print by Eloise Adams

The Big Island Rendezvous has announced the creation of the 31st Rendezvous print by artist Eloise Adams.

The print features just a few of the hundreds of people that are part of the event. Over 1,000 attend in period dress.

The top left shows an artist who creates mugs and cups from horns and antlers.

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The center top shows children enjoying the day.

The top right are dancers from the Royal Scottish Dance Society.

The left center depicts the Wild Goose Chase Cloggers, who are main stage performers.

In the center is Foxy Lady skinning a beaver.

The right shows Annie Oakley sharp shooter.

In the lower right are Kevin and Cary Levorson who will be renewing their wedding vows after 20 years of marriage. Also shown is a soldier demonstrating his skills.

In the lower left is the Bourgeois, Perry Vining, with Foxy Lady.

Making shoes — the lady who makes shoes is important and shown in the center, lower right side of the print.

The lower right is Black Quill, a sketch artist.

On the bottom is the music group RPR, which was formerly known as Tanglefoot, which is coming from Canada to perform.

The prints are all numbered and signed.

Some are black and white while others are hand-painted.

The prints are available at the Big Island Rendezvous or later at Adam’s Originals at 238 S. Broadway.

The proceeds from the print sales help fund the two student days, today and Friday at the Rendezvous.