Editorial: Find balance, seek wellness in all aspects of life

Published 7:00 pm Sunday, October 22, 2017

The everyday hustle of work, family and other responsibilities can quickly take a toll if a person will let it. One way that can help a person and a community find balance amongst the busyness of life is by striving for wellness in multiple facets.

According to the Blandin Foundation, “a healthy community recognizes that a person does best when they are sound in body, healthy in mind and grounded in values that direct their lives.”

Though this can mean different things to different people, it can include things such as opportunities to learn about healthy lifestyles, to participate in programs that promote wellness, to have access to faith communities of their choosing and to programs that teach how to balance work, relationships and community responsibilities, the organization states.

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In recent years, Albert Lea has had a focus on healthy living and wellness through the Blue Zones Project, and community leaders have encouraged many of the same principles promoted by the Blandin Foundation.

In addition to promoting physical wellness through things such as sidewalks and bike paths, the project has encouraged people to connect with others and to pay attention to their spiritual side.

Separately, volunteers have encouraged people to connect more through community festivals such as Wind Down Wednesday and the Autumn Blaze Festival. The city has also hosted neighborhood picnics to get people out mingling.

Though Albert Lea is predominantly Christian, it has numerous churches for people to have access to in the community

While everyone may not choose to take part in what is offered, there are many activities and events to promote wellness throughout the community.