Letter: Accepting diverse cultures critical

Published 10:00 pm Sunday, October 15, 2017

In a recent editorial, the Tribune raised a commendable question. How does the Albert Lea community welcome diversity? The editorial concludes with a hopeful statement. “While there is always room for improvement, we believe Albert Lea is making strides in the right direction.”

Agreed. Progress has been achieved, glacial though it be. Community leaders, including local media, are essential in the process. Progress is measured by examining the past. Evidence of progress surfaced recently, compared to an article published in the 1970s. Below are excerpts.

“Businesses have to be so careful to hire an equal amount of different nationalities and races that, despite the fact that some classes of people are more adept at a certain kind of work, the business has to conform to certain codes … For instance, the English are more suitable for governing. Therefore, they should predominate in government. German people are great for business and industry. Jewish people are found in leadership. … The (black) race seems to have a great endurance to heat, as do the Mexican people. Mexicans are especially adept at certain manual work.”

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The article concludes with “People will generally strive to excel in the field they are most suited to, or have the most knowledge in. To take them out of that field and make them believe they have potential elsewhere is not the function of good government.”

There it is, folks. Evidence of progress through comparative analysis. Hopefully newspaper editors today would never print such abhorrent trash in any form.

Yes, accepting diverse culture is critical in establishing healthy communities in today’s dynamic society, tapping tremendous potential of those willing to share it. Community groups, along with local media, have a choice. Espouse protectionist ideals. Or act as conduits for diverse community values. I applaud Albert Lea Tribune’s attempt in shining light on this issue.

Patrick Cunningham

Twin Lakes