Letter: Bennett working to lower costs

Published 10:00 pm Monday, October 16, 2017

I was disappointed and surprised to read Duluth Democrat Jennifer Schultz sharing her unsolicited views on health care with residents of Albert Lea. Here’s all you need to know about Rep. Schultz: She was one of only a handful of Democrats who voted against both premium relief for Minnesotans devastated by skyrocketing costs, as well as the nationally-recognized reinsurance program that is already lowering premiums on the individual market. To say Jennifer Schultz has zero credibility on the issue of health care costs is frankly an understatement.

On the other hand, Rep. Peggy Bennett is doing exactly what you sent her to St. Paul to do: lower insurance costs and increase access. Early this session, Rep. Bennett voted to provide direct premium relief for those struggling to afford insurance on the individual market. This gave many Minnesotans a 25 percent reduction on their premiums; that’s real money for hardworking Minnesota families.

Just last week, we learned UnitedHealthcare — the largest insurer in the country — is expanding the number of plans they’re offering for employees and seniors. The proposal to allow insurers like UnitedHealthcare to operate in Minnesota was a Republican plan and was supported by Rep. Bennett. Especially here in southeast Minnesota, it’s important to bring more insurance choices to our residents who have fewer options than in the Twin Cities or Duluth.

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Rep. Bennett also supported key reforms that helped stabilize the individual market that was near collapse last year. Recently, the Department of Commerce released insurance rates for 2018, and showed that without these reforms, rates would have risen by 20 percent or more. Last year, rates increased by nearly 70 percent. Now, these rates will decrease for thousands of families and hold steady for nearly everyone else. That’s an amazing improvement, and we can thank Rep. Bennett for supporting this needed initiative.

Pay no attention to ultra-partisan attacks from those who nearly destroyed Minnesota’s once nation-leading health care system. It’s clear Rep. Peggy Bennett is working hard on your behalf to lower insurance costs and increase access. Rep. Bennett is dedicated to doing what’s best for her constituents, and we’re seeing her work pay dividends for residents in your area and throughout the state.

State Rep. Greg Davids


MNsure Legislative Oversight Committee