Letter: Bullying happens with adults, too

Published 9:10 pm Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Most people associate bullying with children, young adults or people who have disabilities, whether mental or physical. I’m writing this to inform all that it doesn’t stop there.

The definition of bullying is a person or persons who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. They use this to influence others to do what they want. Basically they torment, persecute and openly berate those they choose.

October is Bullying Prevention Month. We need to take this seriously and proceed to eliminate and end this atrocity.

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My story is as such. I am a tenant at Albert Lea Housing and Redevelopment Authority at Shady Oaks Apartments. It is a government facility run by Housing and Urban Development.

As of now, it is being managed by an executive director part time — from afar. So in other words, he’s not on the premises daily. Now, he may disagree and state he is aware of all that is happening, but it’s just not the same. Although at one time he did manage here. I have been told by many tenants personally what a good job he did — no chaos.

The same manager also has a close personal association with three tenants here. These three tenants are the abusers who lie, embellish and are verbally vulgar to simply let people know they have clout. So technically, I believe they are shown favoritism from the hierarchy. No repercussions to them. If I were the one creating this discord, I would immediately be given my walking papers as an undesirable.

Between going to the board of directors, writing letters to government officials and making phone calls complaining to HUD, nothing is being taken seriously. What’s wrong with this photo?

What has happened to knowing right from wrong, morals and scruples or merely being a decent person? It’s what I was taught.

Chances are, when I sign this letter with my name, there will be repercussions. What that may be is yet to be seen. I can tell you I am an asset to the HRA community. I follow all the rules and do what is asked of me. I show respect to others and receive it in return — as it should be.

So in closing I am hoping this opens a few eyes to the outrageous acts that are transpiring here.

Albert Lea is a great city, and it’s too bad this is going on. Truthfully, this could possibly give Albert Lea a serious black eye.

This is just the tip of the iceberg — more to follow — I’m sure. I am more than prepared. I believe it’s called the wrath of a woman.

Susan Avery

Albert Lea