Letter: Four scenes are unfolding in world

Published 7:00 pm Sunday, October 22, 2017

Welcome to the real-life twilight zone. During the first scene you’ll notice the Islamic policies of western nations. The general populace in these countries does not desire these policies, yet governments force them on their people — despite the fact that they bring an increase in crime and political demonstrations. Notice that the news media promotes these policies and keeps silent on immigrant crimes, such as rape of native women.

In the next scene, politicians use concocted dates to push climate change. They use the idea that if you tell lies often enough, people will believe the lies as fact. Amazingly, many people do.

The third scene takes us to an attack mentality. It is a phenomenon used throughout history. If you don’t agree with someone, such as President Trump, attack him daily no matter what he does. Nevermind that he wants to bring jobs back. Nevermind that he wants to restore law and order. Nevermind that he wants to appoint judges that will uphold the Constitution. Attack him because he wants to hold criminals accountable. Attack him because you just don’t like him.

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In the next scene, the strategy of “fake news” is gainfully employed by the news media. No longer news, it really has now become propaganda, and many people still don’t get it.

Paul Westrum

Albert Lea