Letter: Give Trump a chance

Published 10:46 pm Monday, October 23, 2017

I am sick and tired of the anti-Trump rhetoric from both sides of the political spectrum. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and consider what this extraordinary man is accomplishing.

This is the first time in memory we have elected a president that owes nothing to lobbyists, fundraisers or the party. It’s driving the establishment, lobbyists, media and dark state crazy. They’ve lost their leverage.

If you believe in a strong economy, you need Trump. He’s a businessman, not a bleeding heart ivory tower professor. Despite all efforts to stop him, the economy is growing at more than three percent. We were told this could never happen again. If the present growth had occurred under Obama the media would be shouting it to the heavens.

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Unemployment is near a 15-year low. There are job openings everywhere; many employers cannot find the help needed to expand their businesses. Yes, too many Americans are still unemployed, but many don’t want to work, (welfare is lucrative) many are unemployable or cannot pass a drug test. The shortage of employees extends across the entire job spectrum. If you are willing to work, jobs are available.

The stock market has exploded under Trump. You may say “I’m not in the market, so it’s irrelevant.” Guess again. If you work in an industry that has a retirement plan or have a 401k plan, the value of your pension plan has increased dramatically. This never would have happened under Obama, Clinton or Sanders. However, unless the neigh-sayers in the Washington cesspool get off their dead (butts) and get involved, these gains could vanish.

Market valuation has increased over 5 trillion since Trump’s election. The federal deficit is over 21 trillion. In less than a year market growth equals one forth of our total deficit; unbelievable!

If we lower taxes for everyone, bring the estimated 7 trillion in overseas corporate profits home and bring our manufacturing base home, we will see the economy boom. Yes, you can cut taxes and still grow the economy. But, high taxes are job killers. No country can tax itself to prosperity.

Trump is blunt, outspoken and to the point. I like that! You know exactly what he’s thinking. I, for one, am tired of mealy mouthed, politically correct politicians talking out of both sides of their mouths, but doing nothing.

Trump is fighting hard to implement every promise he made during the campaign; unheard of.

I support Trump’s position on North Korea and Iran. Presidents since Jimmy Carter have given these two rouge countries a pass. It’s time we say enough. I like Trump’s position on DACA; it’s Congress’s responsibility to draft the laws that govern immigration.

We, the silent majority of Mid-America elected Trump and we stand firmly behind him. Please join us. The elite establishment must understand their days are numbered. I don’t care if you are liberal or conservative, if we give Trump a fighting chance and put America first.

Don Sorensen

Albert Lea