Letter: Way to go, Albert Lea elementary schools

Published 10:57 pm Friday, October 27, 2017

In our society today, there is a tendency for children to make unhealthy choices — eating fast-food, playing video games and not getting enough exercise. This is a constant topic in the news and a concern with educational institutions and parents. As parents, educators and a Blue Zones Community, we are committed to teaching our children about how a healthy lifestyle can contribute to overall esteem, productivity and enjoyment of life. The Blue Zones Project has encouraged educators and parents to continue to look for opportunities that send the message of the importance of building an overall healthy lifestyle. Albert Lea’s elementary schools have stepped up to this challenge in a big way. Every school in Albert Lea is a Blue Zones-Designated School, and all of our elementary schools are committed to holding non-food fundraisers.

This fall, Halverson, Hawthorne, Lakeview, Sibley and St. Theodore Catholic School all held their school walkathons. Not only do these walkathons combine exercise and fun for each and every student, but they also provide the opportunity to generate significant income.

The Blue Zones Project leadership team would like to congratulate and thank all of the school PTOs, students, parents and teachers who participated in all the school walkathons this fall. Thank you also to the hundreds of community members who supported these events. Way to go, Albert Lea elementary schools. Together you raised over $81,000 dollars for school projects! You provided fun and active events for both our students and community to participate in. Thank you for being such great well-being role models.

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Ellen Kehr

organization lead

Blue Zones Project Albert Lea