Published 9:00 am Saturday, October 7, 2017

Duplicate Bridge

Seven tables played duplicate bridge on Sept 19 at the Senior Center in Austin. Winners were Vandy Newman and Bud Higgins, first place; Gene Muchow and Ron Peters, second place; Barb Engebretson and Orrin Roisen, third place; Joyce Crowe and Millie Seiver, fourth place; Theresa Baldus and Harriet Oldenberg, fifth place; and Chuck Borneman and Jim Fisher, sixth place.

Three tables played duplicate bridge on Sept. 20 at the Senior Center in Austin. Winners were John Laurie and Dave Ring, first place; Loren Cleland and Bud Higgins, second place; and Vandy Newman and Ron Peters, third place.

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Six tables played duplicate bridge on Sept. 26 at the Senior Center in Austin. Winners were Gene Muchow and Ron Peters, first place; Gail and Ray Schmidt, second place; Barb Rofshus and Lorraine Quinlivan, third place; Joyce Crowe and Millie Seiver, fourth place; and Lorraine Lippert and Russ Valle, fifth place.

Four tables played duplicate bridge on Sept. 27 at the Senior Center in Austin. Winners were Loren Cleland and Bud Higgins, first place; Gail and Ray Schmidt and Joyce Crowe and Millie Seiver, tied for second and third place; and Vandy Newman and Ron Peters, fourth place.

All duplicate sessions are played at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and noon on Wednesdays at the Senior Center in Austin. Players come from Austin and its surrounding communities, including Adams, Albert Lea and Rose Creek.

Anyone who would like to play and needs a partner can call 507-437-2750.

First Lutheran Church Women

First Lutheran Church Women met at 1:15 p.m. Sept. 13 in Bethany Hall. President Jo Hanson presided over the meeting. Joan Holt provided the prelude music.

Hanson welcomed members and guests during the Pioneer Day meeting. Devotions were given by Bonnie Schneider, which was based on John 5:14-15. The passage said us that Jesus will respond to prayer. He hears his followers whatever we ask and will respond. Planting prayers is likened to planting tulips. They will grow in faith.

Sandy Narverud introduced the program speaker, Jan Jerdee, who spoke on “Where Are We in God’s Garden?” based on Corinthians 12:4. A garden is like a person’s faith. It needs to be watered, tended to, weeded and fertilized to make it grow. She likened MiracleGro to daily devotions and pruning and weeding to getting rid of bad habits.

Jerdee then talked about how each person has unique strengths to contribute in our group and committee work just as each flower in a garden has a unique strength. As she mentioned each flower and its particular uniqueness, Narverud added that flower or green to a floral arrangement she was creating.

Altogether, as in working together in a committee for a positive outcome, the arrangement became a beautiful floral piece. This arrangement was then given to a member in attendance.

Jerdee closed with a fun flower reading and then shared a beautiful floral picture with the saying, “Wherever you are, God put you there for a reason. Bloom where you are planted.”

Business Meeting: Hanson called the business meeting to order. The secretary’s report was approved as printed with a motion by Joyce Fredin and seconded by Julia Tonder. Motion carried.

Cindy Gandrud presented the treasurer’s report.

Bonnie Trampel, corresponding secretary, reported that the group received thank you’s from Good Earth Village, Mt. Carmel and the Evangelical Lutheran Church Association for contributions, a request for money from St. Jude’s, a newsletter from Minnesota Teen Challenge, an announcement of the Looney Lutherans in December at Plymouth Playhouse, anannouncement of the soup/pie at Trinity Lutheran, and a flyer from the Joyful! A Day for Women at Our Father’s House on Sept. 23.

Old Business: The school kits will be assembled by the Sunday school kids Sunday in Bethany Hall. The school supplies packages were opened and organized for assembly on Wednesday, after the board meeting.

Hanson announced that the online cookbook site is up and ready to enter recipes. There is a link on the First Lutheran Church website. Paper forms are also available outside the office and by the welcome desk in the gathering space.

New Business: The lefse bake will be from Oct. 24 to Oct. 26. Times are 8 a.m. to noon Oct. 24, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 25 and 8 to 11 a.m. Oct. 26. Volunteers are needed.

The hymn “In the Garden” was sung during the offering. Hazel Senske gave the offering prayer.

Hanson thanked ushers Karen Hovde and Marge Moine; greeters Marge LaFrance, Donna Ludke, Bonnie Schneider and Bonnie Trampel; and hostesses Tep Christianson and Marge LaFrance with their committee of Marion Bergemann and Diane Damerow.

Caring and Sharing: Co-chairpersons Helen Lovik and Arlis Smith and their committee served two funerals in August.

Announcements: The Synod Convention was Sept. 16. Friends at First took place at 11 a.m. Sept. 19 in Bethany Hall. Church wide cleaning day was Sept. 23. Confirmation Sunday was observed during the 10:30 a.m. service Sept. 24. School supplies were opened and sorted for school kits on Wednesday. They will be assembled at 9:15 a.m. Sunday in Bethany Hall. Today is a church wide cleaning day. Grace Lutheran Church will host its salad luncheon Thursday.

The meeting closed with the table prayer and the Lord’s Prayer.