‘Such a great learning lesson at such a young age’

Published 11:35 pm Friday, October 13, 2017

Elementary students raise money for school with walkathon

Lakeview Elementary School students raised more than $23,000 this year to help their school in a number of ways.

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A walkathon following the fundraising effort was Friday. Kindergartners and first-graders planned to walk to Lakeview Park, second-graders and third-graders planned to walk to Edgewater Park, and fourth- and fifth-graders expected to walk the entire path around Fountain Lake.

Jennifer Levisen, mother of kindergartner Anders Levisen, attended the walkathon.

“We were really proud of Anders and his excitement to participate in the fundraiser,” she said. “And he wanted to make sure that he did all the asking, and so it wasn’t Mom and Dad going out and asking for donations.

“He went out — I think that’s such a great learning lesson at such a young age, to feel just that sense of belonging and partnership and pride in your school and your school district. We were really proud of him.”

Hawthorne, Sibley and Halverson elementary schools also raised money and had walkathons this year. Hawthorne students raised $15,000.

Lakeview Principal Nick Sofio said the walkathon is the school’s largest fundraiser and has taken place for more than five years. Prizes were awarded.

“Our kids have been really dedicated to going out there and doing their best with raising funds, whether that means it’s $5 or something a little bit more extensive than that,” he said. “It’s just all about how you are doing with getting out there to help our school community, and they did a phenomenal job with that.”

Sofio said he enjoys the excitement students express for raising money for Lakeview. The fundraiser, coordinated through the school’s parent-teacher organization, is used to support teachers, field trips and school events.

The fundraiser goes back to the school students are educated in, Sofio said.

“It’s very relevant and tangible to what happens at our school,” he said.

Lakeview fifth-grader Shayla Roberts said it felt good to raise money for the school she attends.

“Raising money for my school just seems like a good deed to do,” she said.

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