Letter: Feehan’s story does not add up

Published 10:12 pm Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Being someone who prefers to choose from solid local candidates who’ll represent us, not just their donors and/or party, to replace Rep. Walz for the 1st Congressional District, I’m less than impressed with candidate Dan Feehan. Now his military career is honorable — I served myself — and it is admirable he wants to publicly serve, but one must question why here, and the answers he provides do not add up!

First, he tells his story like he never left, calling himself a fifth-generation Minnesotan from Mankato, but he has not lived in Minnesota for 21 years. Since moving away from Red Wing, his family still lives in the D.C. area, and he has told people he will not permanently move here if he does not win the DFL endorsement. Now, common sense should red-flag that storyline, telling us he is just carpetbagging for this open seat.

Next, how is someone, who recently moved back, able to know enough people here to raise $250,000 in three months? Again, common sense should red-flag that the money came from elsewhere and Feehan has been bought by outside establishments that want to influence our district. Those are just two examples. You can find more if you dig deeper on why Dan Feehan, who has a similar establishment/carpetbagger profile to Jim Hagedorn, is not a solid candidate who’ll represent us.

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Mike Karau