Letter: Save Our Hospital group effort will continue to fight

Published 10:22 pm Wednesday, November 1, 2017

What a sad, sad example that Mayo is setting.  First of all, I want to state that my vision of Mayo as a clinic is wonderful with many skilled and caring doctors and nurses and staff, just like our hospital /clinic was. So, instead, I need to say Mayo administration is setting a bad example in putting profits before patients and to promote anguish and loss in our rural communities.  I don’t think any of the medical professionals (Like the Mayo brothers) went into their lines of work just to make tons of money. They have compassion and care for the patients; they do put patients first if they are allowed to. I feel that many people — once they realize what is really happening here in Albert Lea — will support us in our endeavors. How can a renowned clinic such as Mayo stoop so low to harm our beautiful city and hospital and rural communities by gutting our hospital as we knew it and blindsiding us with this action with no prior discussion? We have seniors, people on fixed incomes, three large nursing homes, some residents with spouses and/or families living nearby. Keeping this in mind, we embark on winter conditions, which brings on more falls. Vehicle accidents, pneumonia and flu, increasing our need for a full-service, acute-care hospital to allow for inpatient hospitalizations.  This is just unacceptable. This has rekindled my fire of fighting against what is happening.   We at Save Our Hospital in Albert Lea will continue to fight and to accomplish our goal of not only keeping the legacy of Naeve Hospital, but setting an example for other small communities. What has happened to us will continue unless we put a stop to it.

Thanks to all who support us and are brave enough to come forward to show us your support.

Merilynn “Mimi” Linde

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Albert Lea