Letter: Thanks for the support of veterans

Published 5:10 pm Sunday, November 19, 2017

My husband attended the breakfast for veterans at Hy-Vee on Veterans Day.

How wonderful that Hy-Vee does this on an annual basis for our local veterans.

Returning, Ken brought a small pamphlet from the first grade at Hawthorne Elementary. The first page showed a blank November calendar page. The number 11 was added by the student. Page two shows a couple military personnel, one male and one female. The caption reads, “Veterans kept us safe.” Turning to page three, we find three elementary school-aged children in front of the American flag with the words, “We are thankful for them.” The final page we see a young student with a hand salute and the wording, “Thank you, veterans.” Signed David, who also added his own color choices.

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Thanks to the Hawthorne first-grade class for thinking of our veterans. The pamphlet now is in a scrapbook with previous military certificates and articles, etc., that my husband will one day pass along to our sons.

Carol Bybee

Albert Lea