Letter: What matters is love for each other

Published 10:20 pm Wednesday, November 1, 2017

We serve as eucharistic ministers to our neighbors at St. John’s nursing home. In our attempt to lighten the residents’ load and bring faith and hope to them, we find that our own faith and hope are renewed with each visit.

This past week, a gracious and God-loving friend, mentor, and humanitarian, Irene Weber, RN (currently a resident) quizzed us as to how the Save Our Hospital effort was coming. We shared the updates and she paused and said, “It is all all about loving your neighbor, and we must take care of one another. That is the bottom line. Each person is as important as is his neighbor.” She recited the golden rule.

Everyone deserves the best health care available, and it doesn’t matter if you are a Saudi prince or the criminal lying in the gutter, a Medicare/ Medicaid recipient or the person fortunate enough to have private insurance. No life should be put in jeopardy because of greed. 

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And so, to Dr. Noseworthy and all of your constituents in this created medical disaster here in rural Minnesota, please remember that what matters to God is our love for each other. Wealth, power and status count for nothing in the kingdom of God.

LouAnn Stoen

Albert Lea