Peggy Bennett: Share experiences with new driver system

Published 11:18 pm Friday, November 3, 2017

Guest Column by Peggy Bennett

In July, the state agency that oversees Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services rolled out a brand new statewide computer system called the Minnesota Licensing and Registration System, or MNLARS. This computer system was supposed to improve and simplify driver and vehicle services for our state. Unfortunately, since MNLARS took effect in July, it’s been plagued by a variety of issues and has caused headaches and frustrations for many citizens and license center workers.

Peggy Bennett

If you’ve tried to transfer a car title, renew your tabs or change license plates in the last 90 days, you may have been turned away or experienced significant delays. I have heard multiple stories of frustration by local residents, including one gentleman who had to drive into town from Geneva three separate times over a week’s time before he finally was able to get his license tabs.

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Our area license center workers are equally frustrated, as they are not able to serve their customers the way they know they should. I met recently with area license center personnel to learn more how this issue is impacting our center and local citizens. I found that, after three months of continued glitches in the system, they continue to face critical issues: multiple-hour shutdowns, charging customers twice and simply turning people away because there is no way to process their requests.

Put simply, we’re disappointed DVS installed this system before it was ready for primetime. The good news is, the Legislature is working to identify problems and help the state create solutions. The best way to do this is to share your experience so we know what problems need solving. You can always contact my office at or 651-296-8216, or visit to tell your story.

I certainly understand the frustrations this has caused, and encourage you to reach out so the Legislature can help DVS right the ship. We need this system up and running to the level that Minnesotans expect and deserve.

Peggy Bennett, R-Albert Lea, is the District 27A representative.