Why I love Albert Lea?

Published 3:09 pm Friday, November 17, 2017

By Eh Wah

Eh Wah is a Karen liaison at the Community Resource Center in Albert Lea.

Before I moved to Albert Lea, I didn’t know how lovely it is. When I moved to town, I saw that it is a very nice place, very lovely, very clean.

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I love that it is a small town with many hard-working people. The local government, city — all agencies are working together and share in the work.

We can find good jobs. Our children have good education at the schools. My son and daughter are in high school. My son just got the student award. He wants to be in the Air Force, but is also applying to be in the Navy. I’m proud of my son and my family.

I love my work, and working with all of the people through the United Way and the Community Resource Center. I am very happy with my job — working for people to find them the help they need. I wanted to be a missionary. It was my first choice, but now I feel like I’m doing my mission.

People are also very lovely to each other. There are many churches in town that give people a place to worship. I’m working to help open a church in Clarks Grove — where a lot of our Karen neighbors have homes.

I want to help our young people know about the Cold War in Myanmar (Burma) — so they know they can choose another way. I’m planning to do more evangelism — and help people who are sad and depressed.

I’m happy to do my work here.