Women rally against sexual harassment at Minnesota Capitol

Published 5:18 pm Sunday, November 19, 2017

ST. PAUL — A rally at the state Capitol Friday called for an end to sexual harassment and the resignations of two state lawmakers.

The protestors called on state Rep. Tony Cornish, R-Vernon Center, and state Sen. Dan Schoen, DFL-St. Paul Park, to resign following allegations of sexual misconduct earlier this month.

ERA Minnesota president Heather Allison also called for the passage of an amendment to both state and the U.S. Constitution to guarantee women’s rights.

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Allison said proposals to require training on sexual harrassment are not enough.

“Training will only modify the behavior, it’s like putting a band aid on a hemorrhaging wound,” Allison said.

The group did not have a united stance on whether U.S. Senator Al Franken should keep his post.

A Los Angeles radio host accused Franken on Thursday of forcibly kissing her. Leeann Tweeden also posted a 2006 photo of Franken reaching out as if to grope her breasts as she slept on a cargo plane. At the time, Tweeden and Franken were part of a USO show.