Letter: National debt is going to rise more

Published 9:12 pm Thursday, December 28, 2017

Well, Trump and those pesky Republicans pulled off their big scam on the American people. Trump said he was going to make America great again. He didn’t explain that his America is him and all of his millionaire friends. That is the only world he obviously knows exists. All you and I and the average Joe are here for is to fight their wars and pay our taxes to support them. When 80 percent of his tax plan went to the top 10 percent of the American people makes it quite obvious. It is hard to believe that some of the people who voted for him actually still back him. They just won’t admit they were conned.   

I was asked lately by a far far-right Republican about what I thought should be a fair tax. Well, I couldn’t answer him. I thought about it and got to thinking about the way it once was. Back when Eisenhower was president, the rate of taxes on the top 1 percent was 91 percent. Now that’s what I think is a fair tax. Boy has time changed. The Republican Party has gone downhill ever since. Now you hear about a secretary paying more taxes than their employer.   This certainly doesn’t seam fair.

You know those pesky Republicans are going to ask you and me and the average Joe to pay off that national debt.   Trump’s new tax bill is going to add on $1 1/2 trillion to it and he hasn’t even started building that wall yet. I heard some contractors on TV say that to build it the way Trump wanted it that it would cost about $2 trillion, and it couldn’t be done before the year 2042. And remember he said he was going to make the Mexicans pay for it. Now isn’t that a hoot? Can you just imagine that if Hillary would have used this in her campaign that she was going to build a wall and make those Mexicans pay for it ,how much fun the Republicans would have had with that. I have heard that the banks are starting to buy back their stock. Anyone with common sense can figure this out on what is about to happen. The interest rate is going to start going up because they have inside information on that. We have been enjoying a low interest rate for a long time but I think the good  old days are over. In an earlier letter I wrote, I asked you to write everything down on how great this country was when Trump was elected. Low interest rates, cost of living never went up, no body bags coming home, land values up, stock market up,  unemployment down, health insurance available for everyone, nobody was starving and there was hardly anything anyone wanted that they couldn’t get because credit was available. I am still bragging. I didn’t vote for Trump.    

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Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea