Editorial: Tribune values submissions from community

Published 10:20 pm Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Belong to an organization that volunteers regularly or gives out scholarships? Are you a part of a business that recently hired new staff? Did you catch a huge fish while out fishing on an area lake or on a trip?

These are only a few of the submissions we accept at the Tribune to share with the community.

The list goes on and on:

• Weddings and engagements

• Birth announcements

• Reports from clubs and auxiliaries

• Photos from recitals and performances

• Photos and results from youth sports games

• Donations to local organizations

As a community newspaper, we value these submissions because we know they are important to you. We hope to see more of them in our publication, and we welcome you to send them to us at any time.

Photos and news tips can be turned in online through our website at albertleatribune.com, by emailing lifestyles@albertleatribune.com or in person at our office. Please identify the people in the photo you submit and provide information about what is taking place.

Submissions are usually published within a week to 10 days.