Editorial: School dance policy is mostly common sense

Published 9:55 pm Thursday, February 15, 2018

There has been discussion in the last week on social media and in the community about a policy for students during dances at Albert Lea High School.

Some have argued the policy is too strict, questioning school officials about the policy’s necessity. Others have welcomed the policy and its guidelines.

The document, which both students and parents must sign for the student to be able to attend a dance, talks about the times of the dance and how students must be there within 30 minutes of its start, otherwise they will not be able to attend. Once a student leaves, he or she cannot re-enter.

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In addition, students must have a student ID to enter the dance and be subject to a breathalyzer test at the discretion of school administration.

Once at the dance, students should have respect for other students and staff.

The policy includes wearing appropriate clothing and statements to support safe and appropriate dancing.

Should students choose to break the rules, they may be given a verbal warning, could be asked to leave and could even lose privileges to attend future dances.

The policy states students selling, possessing or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will result in immediate removal from the dance and suspension from school, with possible legal consequences.

Call us old-fashioned or out of touch, but we didn’t see anything out of hand in there that the students shouldn’t be doing anyway.

Students should feel comfortable at school-related events and should also be responsible for their behavior.

As parents, we trust our children with school officials every weekday, whether during class time or other activities. We believe these guidelines will keep students safe and encourage respect among each other.

Until parents are willing to take over these events and gain a broader idea of what goes on in schools these days, we suggest they trust our school leaders’ guidelines.