Agriculture club takes part in inaugural event

Published 7:30 pm Sunday, March 11, 2018

Riverland Agricultural and Food Science Technology Club took part in the Growing Acres event Feb. 16 and 17 at the Center for Agricultural and Food Science Technology at Riverland Community College in Austin, according to a press release.

Members who participated were Kayla Arrington, Tanner Boelter, John and Jonah Ryther, Reese Hagemann, Ali Clemmenson, Leah Tidemann and Hayley Wedin.

Riverland Agricultural and Food Science Technology Club took part in the first annual event — Growing Acres: Inspiring Local Foods and Niche Markets in the Region conference. The event was covered over two days.

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Day 1: Day of Connections included speakers from the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute, One Vision, and Mower County Soil and Water Conservation District

Day 2: Digging Deeper consisted of presentations from Minnesota Farmers’ Market Association, Wabasha Farmers Market and University of Minnesota Extension.

“It’s all very exciting,” said Ag Club member John Ryther. “So many things are changing in agriculture than when I grew up and it’s fascinating to be a part of these great projects that are developing.”

“I really enjoyed the Cottage Foods training and learning about the laws and incorporation processes that small businesses need to do to start up a local foods company,” said Ag Club member Leah Tidemann.

The event is hosted by Riverland Community College’s Center for Agriculture and Food Science Technology and is made possible with a grant secured from the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation.

The Riverland Agricultural and Food Science Technology Club is the only official Collegiate Future Farmers of America (CFFA) and Post-Secondary Agricultural Opportunities for Students organization in Minnesota, according to the release.

Contact adviser Nick Schiltz at or club reporter Ali Hagen at for more information.