Letter: It’s time to stop attacking Mayo

Published 1:10 pm Sunday, April 15, 2018

I have tried to stay neutral in the discussions about Mayo Clinic and the Save Our Hospital initiative.  However, I continue to be shocked at some of the rhetoric. I think it is time to stop attacking our community’s largest employer for everything it does. Some folks seem inclined to take even good news and spin it so that it is unrecognizable. Mayo screwed up last year — badly — by virtue of its poor announcement strategy. However, from my perspective, they have greatly improved since that time. In addition, they are clearly still here, still committed to delivering excellent health care to this community, and via their recent staff announcement, responsive to the concerns expressed by their staff. In this case, I am happy to say “thanks” for showing growth and leadership. Consistently trashing our largest employer does not help us attract new jobs or reassure our citizens they still have access to high-quality health care.

I am a solution-driven person, and these kind of attacks will not bring the community to a solution, it will only continue to divide us. Honestly, there are people who are not coming to Albert Lea because of these attacks — is this what we want?

Kim Nelson

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Albert Lea