Letter to the Editor: It should be about common sense

Published 8:00 pm Monday, April 2, 2018

I’d like to add to Mike Gordon’s rebuttal to “Gun laws in U.S. don’t make sense.”

Mike made valid points as to the term “machine gun” that is misused as a synonym for common, semi-auto firearms all too often. However, there is a lot more to buying a true machine gun than even he stated. For the sake of saving space, a good tutorial on the subject is at https://www.gunowners.mn/automatic_weapons. In a nutshell, even the sheriff himself would have a ton of ATF red tape, expense and hoops to jump through if he wanted to personally own a machine gun. There are scads of gun laws  and regulations on the books already — trouble is, most criminals don’t care about laws.

As for magazines (not clips) that hold more than eight rounds. Why not? Many, many people have self-defense weapons and capacity is a plus. The last thing anyone in a bad situation would want is for the hopper to run dry before the situation was neutralized. The cops aren’t necessarily always just minutes away. That is a major reason why the 9mm caliber is so popular with law enforcement, capacity.

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I won’t get into the AR15, etc. here except to say the majority of them are 5.56 mm NATO caliber — the exact same thing as a .223, a medium to long(er) range caliber that until recent years the DNR didn’t consider powerful enough to legally hunt deer with.

It is not a Republican or Democrat issue. There are radical extremists on both ends of the spectrum. Be it guns, racial issues, religion or a multitude of other subjects, I believe we just need to get back to something that isn’t very common anymore. Common sense.

Mark Nicholson