Letter: Will Trump see same success as Obama did?

Published 8:40 pm Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Have you been watching the news lately? If you have you have seen Trump talking about the stock market and how it is hitting record highs and the unemployment numbers have dropped. Well, when Obama took office, the stock market was under 7,000. That was after George W. Bush lowered the taxes on the filthy rich, and we had a stock market crash.  When Obama handed the presidency over to Trump it was up around 20,000. Nobody has ever explained why this happened. When Obama took office the unemployment was about 11 percent. When he handed the presidency over to Trump it was below 5 percent. This is a legacy every former president would like to have on their resume. Both of these situations have continued on until now, and nobody can explain why. Trump has been trying to take credit for it, but his policies didn’t go into effect until this year in 2018.

I am making a prediction now. After the vote this fall, there is going to be a big stock market crash. The cause of the market crashing will be because all those top 10 percenters will be selling their stock to take advantage of Trump’s reduction in their taxes. The average Joe will lose his shirt  on his 401(k) plan again.

In my letter to the editor published Dec. 29, 2017, it was headed “National debt is going to rise more.” I requested everyone to write down a list on how great this country was before Trump was elected.   Low interest rates, no inflation and cost of living didn’t go up, there were no body bags coming home from across the big pond, unemployment was down, stock market was at a record high, low gas prices, everyone had health insurance, nobody was starving, there was hardly anything anyone wanted and couldn’t get because credit was available and land values were at record highs. Obama was listed No.  12 on the best presidents this country has ever had. I hope Trump can say the same about himself after his reign. But I have my doubts. I am still bragging. I didn’t vote for Trump.    

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Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea